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Did you know that peas are considered superfood?

Did you know peas are considered as one of the best source of vegan protein? 

We kid you not. Peas has standout as an alternative source of protein comparing it with the traditional protein such as meat, eggs, cheese and whey. 

  • Meat and eggs contains saturated fats, cholesterol, extra calories and not to forget, animal products can be tough on your kidneys. 
  • If you consume whey protein you will know it often causes bloating or other digestive problems as a lot of us are lactose intolerant. In some whey protein, it also contains harmful synthetic ingredients that can do more harm than good to your body. 
  • As for soy, it is known to be an alternative source of protein but did you know that soy is an allergen that contains estrogen-mimicking compound that can really mess up our hormones. 

With so many side effects from alternative source of protein, we have came to a conclusion that pea protein is the most sustainable and efficient source of protein for your body. 


6 Benefits of Pea Protein

Better Taste and Texture

Pea protein are generally known to be less chalky and fluffier texture than most protein powders out there in the market. 

To make The Fresh Company's protein powder taste even better, you can opt to add in a finger of banana, almond milk and some ice; then blend it and there you go, the perfect smoothie! 

Less Processing, More Nutrients

Our peas are fully imported from the Land of Maple Leaf. Peas are rich in protein and it does not require chemicals and processing to extract it from the carbohydrates. 

The lesser processing doest not strip way protein thus giving you more of the nutrients from its organic state. 

Good for the Kidney and Heart

Protein from peas, especially yellow peas are known to lower the cholesterol and blood pressure while being gentle on the kidneys till the extend that it could possibly prevent kidney problems.

Building and Repairing Muscle

Peas are rich with amino acids that helps repairing and rebuilding muscle. After exercising, torn mussel tissue from a workout needs an immediate supply of the right amino acids to repair the tear and heal an extra layer of muscle fibre on the top. 

That being said, consuming pea protein only without working out will not make a difference. There is only so much that one's body can absorb. 

Contains All Essential Amino Acids

90% of pea protein are rich in essential amino acids. 

In fact, peas contain the 9 essential amino acids which are; phenylalanine, methionine, valine, threonine, lysine, histidine, isoleucine, tryptophan and leucine

Our body needs these 9 amino acids to you can achieve outstanding performance when you workout. 

Easy Digestion and Fast Absorption of Fibre

Pea actually contains high level of fibre and starch making it tough to digest. Pea isolates however, loses most of its fibre and starch when processed. It practically becomes easier to digest. 

Our pea protein are made fine enough thus allowing absorption at its peak. What this means is our body gets access to them faster and more efficiently. 

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