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The Fresh Company Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide FREE shipping?  

We do provide free shipping but there will be a minimum spending. Do refer to the promotion below:-

Malaysia -  MYR250

Singapore - SGD150

How many servings in a bag? 

Himalayan Salted Chocolate and Cookies & Cream contains 15 servings per bag.

How many grams in a bag? 

For now, Himalayan Salted Chocolate is 540g and Cookies & Cream is 510g per bag. We are currently working on larger bags. Please follow our social media pages for more updates! 

Is The Fresh Company protein suitable for weight gain? 

Our protein supplement could work as a meal replacement or muscle recovery. The nutrients in our protein currently is not suitable for weight gain. 

Is our product Halal certified? 

We are in the midst of applying for a Halal certification for our products but our ingredients from our supplier are 100% Halal. 

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